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What do others have to say?

You might be wondering what kinds of results other Business Leaders have had by using a FocalPoint Business Coach.

Here are some Testimonials you might find interesting:

Navigational Coaching WorkshopTestimonial

“John is Fantastic at bringing out the positive angle to the situation.  Taught me to find the leader in me and how to find it in my people. Awesome job!”

- Kevin Staigh, Electrical Manager, Silent-Aire Manufacturing

Navigational Coaching Workshop Testimonial

“I really enjoyed the public program.  It was great to learn from other peoples’ experiences since I am more of a novice at coaching.   John was excellent, very knowledgeable  and clear, patient and a great listener. I will recommend him to others!”

- Adam Laakso, Network Technician, Stratomer IT Services

Navigational Coaching Workshop Testimonial

“I was skeptical about the ability of coaching to help a company reach its goals but I DO BUY-IN! Its a very good tool to unlock the potential of people.”

Kelly Peach, Lead Field Service Tech, BCI Technologies Inc

Navigational Coaching Workshop Testimonial

“John is great! This is a VERY informative workshop, it will be VERY useful in my future endeavors."

Chuck Herrington, Construction Manager, JV Driver Projects

Navigational Coaching Workshop Testimonial

"Nice change! I will actually use most everything discussed. The info was relevant to real life scenarios."

Mike Leblanc, Operations Manager, Sulzer Chemtech Canada Inc

Navigational Coaching Workshop Testimonial

"I found the course was very structured and descriptive. The cards and course material is very helpful and a good hands-on tool."

Jay Stewart, HR Manager, Sherritt Coal

Navigational Coaching Workshop Testimonial

“This was an excellent workshop.  I learned a lot throughout the 2 day course.  John knoew the material extremely  well and made that extra effort on an individual basis to help out with “real world “ scenarios.  I liked using the Commonwealth Stadium as a facility because of the break of seeing the Eskimos dressing room was “surreal”.

- Ryan Addy, Engineering Project Coordinator, Packers Plus Energy Services

Navigational Coaching Workshop Testimonial

“I think the program was a real eye opener, from what I consider an old school approach, to the Navigational Coaching, which is totally different.  I’m excited to try it out!”

Michael Preece, Shop Manager, Bruin Instruments Corp

Navigational Coaching Workshop Testimonial

“The program was excellent and very educational. John Cutler provided excellent Coaching.  It’s a great course , very well planned out and very informative.  It REALLY  opened my eyes to a style of coaching/managing I never knew was available.”

Bobby Potts, Operations Manager, Apache Pipeline Products

Navigational Coaching Workshop Testimonial

“Very good program and Material.  John was an excellent facilitator, and made it an enjoyable  environment to work in.  I liked the fact that the program was very interactive. It’s a much better way to learn as compared to other courses I have taken where I have felt more like I was being preached to.”

Chris Desranleau, Engineering Manager, Packers Plus Energy Services

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